Vision and Ethos

The strategic values and objectives

Education at Rajwanshi is about self confidence, challenge and enjoyment. It teaches the importance of constructive questioning and a sense of responsibility with compassion, confidence and creativity.

Strategic Objectives

Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.

Roy T. Bennett

The Light in the Heart

Our Vision

Our Vision is to prepare and motivate our students for a rapidly changing world by instilling in them critical thinking skills, a global perspective, and a respect for core values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance, and compassion. Students will have success for today and be prepared for tomorroe.

Our Ethos

We aim to meet the educational needs and expectations of our pupils and aspire to provide those opportunities needed to develop their full potential. We ensure that we develop children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding through our PSE programme. We promote the fundamental British values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

We are a ‘Rights Respecting School’ where our children are nurtured and helped to interact with others, displaying the qualities outlined above.

Expectation from parents


Acknowledge that as parents, we know our children better than anyone else. While you have an important professional perspective, we have a passionate parental perspective. Listen to us and we’ll listen to you. Acknowledge that we both have the child’s best interests in mind.


Appreciate our children’s strengths and help them improve on their weaknesses.


Smile, laugh, and enjoy what you are doing. Your enthusiasm is contagious to the kids and promotes learning as an enjoyable and exciting, adventure.

Help us improve

Your valuable suggestions and feedback will help us improve our vision, approach and ethos.
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