Why Should I Opt for School Transport?

Students learn a lot of things while they interact with each other. Travelling together every day teaches children to look out for each other, to share space and to learn to adhere to rules and regulations. Bus travel also blurs the social and economic difference among students since all of them are bound by the same instructions regardless of their background. Group travel teaches students the importance of conservation of resources.

We Provide Convenient and Safe Pick up Facility

The school has an extensive fleet of well maintained buses which cover a large radius around the school. All our buses are manned by qualified and experienced drivers. The buses have a conductor/attendant to ensure the safety of all the students on board. The school buses have all mandatory clearances from concerned authorities to ply on the road.

Modern Fleet

In its effort to keep abreast with modern trends and technology, the school has started fixing GPS systems to track the movement of the buses. This initiative will ensure that we know where the buses are at all times, check their speed, track unscheduled stops and verify if the buses reach the stops on time. This step will also ensure the security of students at every moment.

Points to Remember

  • Pick up: Our endeavour is to ensure that the buses ply on time, are safe and dependable. The students and parent will be issued bus passes. Students will be picked up and dropped off only at the designated bus stops.
  • Drop-Off: Students will be handed over to their guardians on the homeward journey only if a valid bus pass is produced. Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to disembark from a bus if the guardian is not carrying the pass. In such a situation the student will be taken back to school and may be picked up from the school office after showing the pass to the transportation officer.
  • Change in Route: Any change in the route or bus stop requires a written application to the Principal. We try to accommodate all requests for change of routes/buses; however we may be helpless in this aspect if there is a constraint in space in the bus on the route of your choice.
  • Discipline: Discipline in the bus has to be maintained at all times. The school will not be responsible in case of any mishap if students refuse to sit in the buses or fight with each other while the bus is moving. Bus rules are for the safety of students and we request parents to ensure their wards pay heed to bus monitors and teachers in the bus.

Your cooperation for an efficiently run transport facility will be highly appreciated.