CCTV Campus

Importance of CCTV

Security and Safety

Academic Improvement

Teacher Evaluation

Prevention of Drugs/Smoking

The integration of live CCTV technology at The Ompee Schools has proven to be quite beneficial for safety and the security of its students. Parents have access to Live CCTV streaming of the classes which offers transparency and helps them to monitor the activities of their children regularly.The CCTV Cameras Systems installed on our school campus is beneficial as it provides live footage on CCTV as well as on the mobile app. It provides the following benefits:

1. Security and Safety Benefits

The use of CCTV camera tools will help in averting a theft or catching one. It can also minimize events which include bullying, violence, and vandalism, as nobody would want to do such things and get caught as they would be aware of the monitoring by way of IP CCTV Cameras.

The CCTV Security Camera Systems also stops unauthorized people from getting into the campus. It makes everybody feel safe and secure, be it the students, or the faculties and staff in the top and best school in Narnaul.

2. Academic Improvement

Parents can monitor the academic performance of their children through the live CCTV streaming available on their tabs. These Surveillance Cameras are good to prevent students from misbehaving when no staff is around them. It provides transparency between parent’s and children’s academic performance.

3.  Teacher Evaluation

Live CCTV footage is also available which can help to improve the management of classrooms, solve problems, etc. Teachers can also evaluate on the basis of the video footage. Setting up a CCTV camera in the school also encourages good practices on part of the teacher.

Among listed in the top and best school in Narnaul, students, as well as teachers, can get protection from false accusations.

4.  Prevention of Drugs

Installing CCTV cameras in the school will also help in preventing the use of drugs, smoking, etc. The faculty along with the parents can keep a check on the habits of the children and curb any bad habit or distraction on time.